Sunday, 11 August 2013

That's Not What It Does, Shithead

How's it going my little cumstains?


I don't give a shit.

So anyway, this blog is still fuckin dead, and will remain as such. I haven't lost interest in MLP or FanFictions, infact, I made an account on FIMfiction (called harpseal2 of course).

Keep reading after the break:

I've been really getting into Punk music lately, more specifically Hardcore, and old Post-Hardcore.

My Favourite bands are currently:

1. Propagandhi

2. Fugazi

3. Refused

4. blink-182 (laugh at me all you want)

5. System Of A Down (yeah they aren't punk but whatevs)

Anyway, I'm never ever doing a fanfiction review again. So fuck you guys.

Have fun crying yourself to sleep because you know Fluttershy will never exist, I will never review fanfiction again, and you will forever be alone and unwanted. I'm sure you guys love my fucking terrible reviews, but I don't, and I don't like writing them.

Good Bye.

harpseal2 signing off again.

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