Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An important message.

Hey guys, it's harpseal2 again. Just to let you guys know something. I've been inactive for months, thinking about, amongst many other things, the fate of this blog. I've come to a conclusion. It pains me to say it, but:

No more fanfiction reviews.

This is probably devastating for most of you. I've decided against continuing fanfiction reviews. There are many reasons why. These are the main ones

1. I've lost almost all interest in My Little Pony. I would almost say I hate the show, and even when I liked the show, I hated most bronies. The only ones I could stand were you guys, the Tumblr artist brigade and the Ponibooru crew. Ponibooru, as you probably know, is dead. The Tumblr brigade is still there, and I'm still on Tumblr. And then there's you guys. I can't really communicate with you, can I? When I post a review every few months. Anyway, sorry, I hate MLP and most Bronies.

2. I've lost all interest in fanfictions, let alone reviewing them. Self-explanatory. Also, they are hard work, and I have a lot of better things to do.

3. I've gotten into gaming and I will post commentaries on my YouTube account. Also self-explanatory. Here's my YouTube. 

Anyway, I'm terribly sorry to all of you that loved my fanfiction reviews, but I'll post here from time to time. I think I'll post rants and links to my new YT videos here.

If you still want to chat with me, add me on Steam

Steam Name: harpseal2.

Current Nickname: ☭☣HAЯP$EДL2™☣☭

Anyway, cya guys.


  1. Eh, interests come and go. No point doing something you don't like doing anymore. I was thinking about turning my blog into a more general thing so I can do YTP/YTPMVs, '80s cartoon things and whatever else I feel like. Maybe you could do something similar with your Tumblr so your work's all in one place.

    I hear you about Ponibooru. Can't say Derpibooru has the same feel as the old place, though it's still something.

    The rest of the Poniboorians likely went to, but I dare not touch a site named after an arrow-to-the-knee level meme.

    1. Derpibooru eats shit. Not even kidding.

      I'm thinking of one very last review. Cheerilee's Garden, then no more fanfics. Of course, if someone was willing to continue the FanFiction reviews in my style, on this blog, I could negotiate something with someone.

      Also, have you got a Steam account? You seem like a cool guy.

  2. That'd be good, I never got around to reading that one.

    My Steam account's -here- (or linked on my Blogger profile), though I change my name a lot depending on what I feel like.