Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hiatus and shit

I've lost the will to do fanfiction reviews for a while. Sorry, I do a lot of them. Also, new update schedule for when I do come back. It will be the same time, every 2 weeks. So yeah. Also, I'm will mention this right now; NO MORE LONG FANFICTIONS. If I find a good long fanfiction, then so be it. I'll review it. Otherwise, I would prefer it if you sent me shorter fanfictions. And also, they have to be messed up. Ones that make you scream, cry, masturbate while screaming and crying and whatnot. I don't want a fanfic of Big Mac and Rarity having sex. That's normal. I want one where Big Mac rapes Rarity into a cum-filled balloon, and then makes her explode. I need fucked-up ones.


  1. I looked on Mediaminer earlier.

    There was nothing.

    I was sorely disappointed.

  2. I WILL find them, no excuses!

  3. Found one. [link]

    It's kinda the opposite of Rarity exploding.

  4. Go on and search "Cupcakes 2: Cupcakes FOREVER" by Sergeant Sprinkles. That's right, the devil is back. >:)