Monday, 19 March 2012


Heya guys, I wanted you to know that I'm going to update a lot more often. Every Saturday/Sunday/Monday/whatever the fucking day is, I'll be posting a fanfiction review. It will be Sunday, Queensland Time.

Also, current fanfiction line-up:

My Little Dashie
A relatively unknown Pokémon story (guess what Pokémon is in it?)
And a Hotsauce fic of my choice

And please, send me fanfiction. Preferably pony-related, and not already reviewed.

Anyway, have fun, until next time I post!


  1. Bring the hankies. You'll need them. OR WILL YOU RESIST THE DASHIE?

  2. Yay, you decided to review the fanfic idea I sent (My Little Dashie)! :D

  3. I wouldn't stick to a schedule, as you'd end up rushing your mocks (like I did before Being There for Your Friend [link] which was redone several times) and they probably won't be as decent.

    1. At the same time, a schedule is good. It gives the viewers something to look forward to, instead of checking here randomly hoping there's a new review. Of course, if he needs time, he could just say he needs more time in an update.

    2. That is also true. My own viewers tend to be people from forums I visit (plus there's Blogger's mailing list of questionable quality) so it's not really something I'd think about.

      I guess it comes down to whether ol' Harpy's got enough fics and free time to pump one out every week.

      Hmm... how's he gonna approach My Little Dashie? That one wasn't technically a bad fic.

      (P.S. Dibs on the Starlight Romance stories. :D)

  4. Replies
    1. Will do! I forgot about that one!