Friday, 9 March 2012

FanFiction Review: Fluttershy the Necrofillyphile

Hey hey hey, guess who's writing up a fanfiction review? harpseal! I know I said the next one was 3rd Gear Scootabuse, but I took one look at this piece of shit, kudos to FamusJamus for sending this to me, and I said, HAHA, IT'S PERFECT!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Anyway, I literally JUST saw the comment Famus sent to me with this shit in it, but this one sounds like fun (in a masochistic, satanic ritual way).

WARNING: This fic contains Necrophilia, Pedophilia and rape (if you can rape a dead body somehow).

It had been a week after the tragic passing of Twilight's underage niece.

Already. ALREADY. Jesus. Keywords: Passing, and Under-age.

Everypony in town had attended the funeral and burial at the Ponyville cemetery. Now it was midnight and a shadowy figure sneaks up to the grave site with a shovel. The figure sets the shovel and saddlebag down next to the grave and pulls out a lantern. Upon lighting it reveals Fluttershy, with a nervous look on her face.
For the record, this is Fluttershy

She slowly picks up the shovel and begins to dig at the grave. Fluttershy can feel her pussy getting wetter, and wetter as she gets closer to her prize.
Why the fuck is this in present tense? Is she doing this, as we speak?

With a thud Fluttershy hits the coffin with shovel, her pussy now basically gushing fluids, and she slowly opens it.
I would say something about how its anatomically impossible for a woman to have 'gushing fluids' from her vagina (except for you-know-whats (I'm not saying it out of respect)), but there's a lot more wrong with this shit then that.

The body had begun decomposing, so it looked half rotten, but with some of the facial features still intact.
So she's about to fuck an under-age rotting body. Got it.

The once white hooves now yellowed, the mane soaking wet from rainwater that had soaked through the wooden coffin in the past week, and the genitals moist, beginning to dissolve and decompose. 
Thank you for 32 words of unneeded, disturbing extra details.

Fluttershy slowly lifted the body out of the coffin with one arm while masturbating with the other. When she got the body completely out of the ground she was almost to climax. She paused for a few seconds and then stuck her hoof into the dead filly's vagina.

 She became even wetter as she relished in the feeling of the moist rotting flesh conform to her hoof. She wiggled it around and almost came from the feeling of the rotting pussy flesh mashing up into a meat paste while still up in the dead, underage vagina.

I think she is...
...beating her meat.

Fluttershy slowly pushed down on the filly's stomach forcing some of the meat paste out of the rotting snatch.
Jesus fucking Christ man, MEAT PASTE, from a DEAD CHILD'S VAGINA.

Holy fucking hell.

It was a sickly yellow-greenish color. Fluttershy kept pushing on the dead body's stomach, forcing more and more out until her hoof busted through the stomach leaving a hole. 

 Speaking of aliens,

Fluttershy pulled her hoof out and looked upon her work.
Meat Paste from Dead Filly Vagina. Here's one I made earlier.

 She became incredibly aroused from the sight of the body before her. She leaned down and took a bite*(originally bight) out of the rotting pussy mush and began to chew, slowly savoring the taste.
It has a bitter flavour, hard to get used to, but it's delicious.

After she swallowed she wrapped her legs into a scissoring position on the dead filly and forced her ultra wet pussy against the dead one. 
It's not just wet,

Fluttershy cooed in ecstasy as the remaining meaty pulp was forced into her vagina as she began to rub her pussy against the filly's.

She began rubbing faster and faster until she had an orgasm. She continued on and got a brilliant idea. She grasped one of the filly's legs and tore it off. She then took the leg and began thrusting it into her welcoming anus. 

Almost as soon as it entered her ass hole she had another orgasm, yet, she continued on, hopeing to have one or two more before she finished. She began rubbing and thrusting as fast as she possibly could, so hard in fact, she heard a snapping noise around the filly's pelvis region.
Oh yeah, Snap gets ALL the attention. Why not Crackle?

She looked down and screamed in pleasure when she saw the filly's spinal cord snap and burst out of the side of the decaying corpse.
She had another orgasm and then she pulled her pussy away from the dead snatch (While still dildoing her anus with the severed leg.) and inserted the piece of spinal column like it was a hard, bony, dick. 
I guess you could really call that...
...a boner.

She almost passed out from the pleasure of the leg being forced into her ass hole and the shard of bone being forced into her pussy. She felt the pressure building up inside of her again as she came, (this time being the most intense). 
She really is...
...getting boned.

As she finished she pulled the hoof out of her ass, noticed how appetizing it looked all covered in blood and shit, and licked it. She enjoyed the taste so much that she started tearing chunks off to eat until it was all gone. She then dismounted the shard of spine and licked all the fluids off of it, forced the rest of dead snatch mulch from earlier out of her pussy, and ate that to. 

She then took her hoof and smashed the dead filly's skull open and began to eat the brain matter.
I EAT UR BRAINZ!!!1!!!1!one!

 After she was finished she took one last look at the piece of artwork she had created, masturbated to the sight of it until she orgasmed* (original: orgasmd)  again, and licked* (original: liked) all her pussy fluids of her hoof when she was done. She then smiled at her masterpiece once more, collected her gear and walked off, without bothering to clean up the mess she made* (original: clean the mess she made up).
Obviously, the author (mr.happyface, soooo original) was too busy jacking it to complete this story properly.

See ya next time!


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  2. Kind of a short fic, isn't it. And really, um fucked up, and stuff. "Whistle"

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  4. what the fuck just what the fuck who the fuck wrote this fucked up shit I think I'm going to barf all over my house punch myself in the face until I have brain damage and forget what I just red and kill my self I have some work to do goodbye