Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FanFiction Review: Sweet Apple Massacre REVISED!

You read that title correctly. I thought my other review was shit. So I said fuck that shit, and decided to do a new review of that fucking horrible fanfiction.

WARNING: Contains: Blood and Gore, Extreme Sexual Acts, Sexual Violence against minors.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

FanFiction Update: Please read!

Guys, and gals, please do not send the Fan Fictions I review to other fanfiction reviewing sites (such as Topless Robot). The least that may happen would be a shitstorm between me and them. So, in simpler words:

Don't send my FanFic reviews to Topless Robot.
It would just start a flame war.

Also: Sorry for the lack of Reviews. I have had a lack of motivation lately. And Study for High School exams and shit.

The next fanfic review, which will be done soon, hopefully, will be Grand Ponyville Picnic. Until next time, followers.