Thursday, 27 October 2011

FanFiction Review: I need help

So, motherfuckers. I'm out of ideas for reviews. I need fanfictions.

If there's a fanfic you find fucked up in the tenth degree, send it my way, I may do a review.

Send it to or if you know me on Steam, link it.

Happy review reading!

Oh yeah, I'm gonna give Colgate a lil love. I'm sure he wrote a fucked-up fanfic, so he can review it. Like how I reviewed my own fic.


  1. ChickenVortex is a good writer.
    Especially Bad Dreams.

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  3. I found Fluttershy the Necrofillyphile today. It's short, too adult for my blog and is probably a troll fit.

    It's also disgusting shit. And there's plenty of reaction images in the comments.

    [link] if you want it.