Sunday, 11 December 2011

Updates: Wunderbolt's is no longer an Author

Here's why: he literally did nothing almost. He wrote up one FanFic review. So yeah, I was like, screw that.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FanFiction Review: Sweet Apple Massacre REVISED!

You read that title correctly. I thought my other review was shit. So I said fuck that shit, and decided to do a new review of that fucking horrible fanfiction.

WARNING: Contains: Blood and Gore, Extreme Sexual Acts, Sexual Violence against minors.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

FanFiction Update: Please read!

Guys, and gals, please do not send the Fan Fictions I review to other fanfiction reviewing sites (such as Topless Robot). The least that may happen would be a shitstorm between me and them. So, in simpler words:

Don't send my FanFic reviews to Topless Robot.
It would just start a flame war.

Also: Sorry for the lack of Reviews. I have had a lack of motivation lately. And Study for High School exams and shit.

The next fanfic review, which will be done soon, hopefully, will be Grand Ponyville Picnic. Until next time, followers.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Merry Halloween!

I'm dressed up as Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead, as scene here.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

FanFiction Review: I need help

So, motherfuckers. I'm out of ideas for reviews. I need fanfictions.

If there's a fanfic you find fucked up in the tenth degree, send it my way, I may do a review.

Send it to or if you know me on Steam, link it.

Happy review reading!

Oh yeah, I'm gonna give Colgate a lil love. I'm sure he wrote a fucked-up fanfic, so he can review it. Like how I reviewed my own fic.

Friday, 7 October 2011

FanFiction Review: A Party to Die for

Back again, bitches! I needed a break from all those fuckin' fanfics. Today is special, as in, it's by...

harpseal2. Yep, I created this vile shit. In an attempt to phase one of my former-Steam-friends. It didn't.

Warning: This fic contains Blood, Gore, Rape, Death, Scat, Torture and Child Abuse

FanFiction Review: Updates!

So sweet and tasty!

So, we have some fanfictions to review.

Harp's FanFics:
3rd Gear Scootabuse
My Little Dashie
A Party to Die for
Prince Charming and Mirrors

Colgate's FanFics:
None as of yet.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

FanFiction Review: Rainbow Factory

Good evening, folks. First review, i can almost guarantee it will suck. ANYWAYS This fic contains blood, language, gore, and alot of other nasty shit. Enjoy


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

FanFiction Review: 2nd Gear Scootabuse!

Already?! Another fucking review?! This is harpseal2 here, and I have YET ANOTHER GOD-DAMN FIC! It's a Scootabuse one. So yeah, don't enjoy the mane course, motherfucker!

WARNING: This fic contains Violence, Emotional themes and Child Abuse.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Welcome to da blog, Wunderbults

He shall be a co-author, and do reviews like me. I will call him by his steam name, Colgate.

Current reviews in line:

Prince Charming+Mirrors (harp's review)

2nd Gear Scootabuse (harp's review)

3rd Gear Scootabuse (harp's review)

Rainbow Factory (Colgate's first review!)

FanFiction Review: Rocket to Insanity

Hey! I'm already posting another fic? BLASPHEMY! This one is different, though.

I love it. Yes, this Fanfiction is the most fucking beautiful thing I have ever read. It's so good, I can't taint it. (No, I am not trolling, this fanfic is friggen' great.) So today, I will talk about it at the end.

WARNING: This fic contains Gore, and Emotional Themes.
Listen to this while reading:

Friday, 23 September 2011

FanFiction Review: The Pokémon Story!

GUESS WHOSE BACK?! Me, mother fuckers. Anyway, I have yet another Fanfiction for you. It has been on FanFiction Friday, on Topless Robot, reviewed by fellow horrible fanfiction commentator Rob Bricken (Rob, if you are reading this, I say you are the best fanfiction reviewer ever, and you should be a millionaire). Now, unlike Topless Robot, I will dig into this fic. Yes, my friends, I shall not simply post, like Rob, I shall commentate.

WARNING: This fic contains Gore, Violence, Sexual Intercourse, Bestiality, Bodily Fluid drinking, and Foul Language. You have been warned.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A blog post

I am sorry for the lack of updates. I just can't be bother to type up a review.

I shall warn you, I will have positive reviews. But I'm trying to find BAD fanfiction, which brings up another point. There's less and less bad fanfiction nowadays. If you find a bad fanfic (and I mean BAD), send me the link  and I might review it.

My Gmail is

Saturday, 11 June 2011

FanFiction Review: Scootaloo's love for pain

Hello, it's harpseal2 here, back with another bad fanfic. Nowhere near as bad as the previous but, whatever. This one is called "Scootaloo's love for pain." Un-enjoy.

[WARNING] This story contains Sadism/Masochism, Sexual acts against minors, Watersports, and Scat. In other words, Hurting the fuck out of people, Pedophilia, and Shit.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FanFiction Review: Cupcakes

Hello, it's harpseal2 here, and I'm going to review the most vile piece of crap I have currently found: Cupcakes. Anyway, I shall begin.

[WARNING] This Fanfic contains Blood and Gore, Violence. If you are under 18, then this fic will give you nightmares. (It's possible that even if you are over 18, you'll get nightmares, but whatever.)

Jesus Christ how horrifing

I found a picture of some dude dressed as Rainbow Dash, and I think he looks like Mike Shinoda.


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fanfiction Reviews: Coming soon!

Hey guys, harpseal2 here, anyways, for a couple of years, I have been reading and ranting about fanfictions. I decided that, since I made this blog, I should use it for that. So, next blog post will be about the Fanfiction, Cupcakes. Current List-

The Pokemon Story.
Scootaloo's love for pain.

That's all currently. (I'll be finding more for y'all)

Monday, 30 May 2011

I'm posting too much

Anyway, I'm doing another Shout Out

To these faggits:
Linford (0zon3): He's an awesome BLOPS and MW2 playa.
Atomic Lemon: He's my Steam bro.
Henry: He's epic, cool, and funny.
Darcy (again): He's just really cool.
Dan (That Lakinson Guy): He's got a blog.
bunnipoop: He makes funny videos.
MiseryLovesCompany: He's an instant boredom cure.

Darcy wanted me to do this

Hell yeah! DARCY 4 TEH WINZZ!

I hate you all

Here, have a fanfiction

I can haz blog

I am missing out on Black Ops time for this, you know?